we grow your business
by designing, developing

We are the passionate geeks

Pelicans as the name suggests, we aim to fly high, with a bunch of passionate Techno Geeks. We are here to bring interesting projects to life. No matter if they start as a scribble on a napkin or a grandiose strategy rollout, we nurture them to grow into all they could possibly become. Pelicans was incepted with an overriding commitment to deliver quality IT Services to fulfill their client's unique objectives. Pelicans stand with qualified and skilled team members who dedicatedly delivers unique solutions to their clients so that every business has individual and unique space in World Wide Web.

Our constant endeavor is to accelerate business value for our customers. Even the smallest delivery is streamlined by our finely chiseled processes & quality checks. We have grown because our customers have. For more than 5 years we have been sharpening our blades to produce world class user experiences. Our skill set grew from technology into Design, Web Development, Mobile Apps Development, Quality Analysis & Internet Marketing. Wherever the interesting ideas are happening, we will be striving towards them.

the process

1. Discover and strategy

We can develop an attractive and effective project for your business or you personally. Every great project like website or mobile app starts with a great idea and needs a robust strategy to turn it into a reality.

2. user experience design

User Experience is paramount. People want great design that's simple to use. We create both, without compromise. This results into the creative and userfriendly website.

3. Testing & Deployment

Any project whether it's for short term or long term, testing is required. This represents our quality and our motto is to never compromise with quality. Our rigorous testing process will ensure your project performs brilliantly on release. No bugs, just features.

4. Marketing & Feedback

Promote your project with strategic marketing and monitor user feedback to incorporate positive refinements. We leverage technology to help your business make more money, better service your customers, increase your productivity or simply make you look great.