Banking & Finance


Our innovative banking and finance solutions supplement benefit to financial corporations, banking organizations, and insurance businesses with online payment procedures, transaction processing, and mobile banking and assist them in staying a step ahead of a growing marketplace.

At Pelicans, our team of tech-savvy expertise can optimize often complicated processes into a united, real-time development solution.

We have obtained the expertise in serving privately-owned, government, and public sector financial and insurance firms and banks with the appropriate procedures for improved operational productivity, enhanced sales, and profit creation, decreased expenses, managing fixed cost management and converting the internal and customer-focused methods to meet the business bearings.

Creative and Simplified Banking

A strong blend of technical expertise and experienced developers lets us develop solution-driven tactics that gratify customer’s prospects and presents them the richness to conduct several banking exercises through smartphones, tablets, wearables, and other devices, without having to take the pain of abandoning home and work. Our creative app solutions inspire thoughts of branchless banking.

Financial Enterprise Management

Letting the employees work from any place and handle the consumer’s information from anywhere, anytime, our unique, customized solutions are directed at optimizing the firm workplace practices and offer safer reorientation of products and services purposes to concentrate on the end user software and enterprise mobility services.

Efficient Data Use

Promoting spontaneous and helpful ways of handling consumer information, our financial tech-savvy solutions are combined with different big data tools and frameworks. With improved protection in the house and beyond the range, you can secure your customers by offering world-class experiences in transferring funds, creating a request, and maintaining financing motions.

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