Food & Restaurant


A majority section of the food and restaurant industry is actually operated by millennials now. Right from their relationship with food and its packaging to delivery, they like to share their experiences with their family and friends.

At Pelicans, development, design, and project management teams with their varied expertise have assisted multiple food and restaurant businesses, startups, and cafés, to cater to evolving demands of food fanatics and people across the globe, largely in online food delivery, sharing eatery or restaurant reviews and rating, popular food photo sharing along with their internal systems such as conducting the inventory, logistics, loyalty, feedback administration, and effective restaurant management over various locations.

Ordering and Secure Payments

Having experienced web and mobile app development teams who perfectly are well versed with ever-changing business maneuverings and market scope, every business, regardless of its size, big or small, can outlive the difficulties generated in retaining customers. Apart from building an app or website from scratch for your food and restaurant business, our years of expertise lets us refurbish it with fiction, user-centric elements such as mobile wallets, order on the table, quickest checkout process choices for door delivery, effortless online ordering activities, and a lot more.

Enterprise Mobility

In order to maintain and optimize the logistics, shipments, and delivery process, we build the world-class enterprise applications that can follow and track all internal exercises allotted to individuals and employees in the restaurant business, across various places (if it is a chain). Doing so will simplify much of the data analysis and data storage as well as task management and assessing staff member's performance on the basis of diner satisfaction level that can be assessed by rating and reviews.

Build a Brand

While every one of you is concentrating on growing an established, a big brand, we assist you in throughout your journey in modern day's evolving food and restaurant industry. With us, there are endless opportunities to start into the area as a startup or emerge as an organization via a website or mobile application. Since we give the utmost priority to our client's customers, our every designed and built project comes from a well-thought and executed with more feasible and next-gen solutions, delivering optimized customer experiences, improving revenue and leads.

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