Healthcare & Fitness


If companies succeed in practicing digital experiences to enhancing the patient experience- then it surely will be a competitive distinguishing factor. And for supporting healthcare industries to stay a step ahead in the competition and accomplish customer-oriented services and care, Pelicans Technologies is here with the most high-level and secure digital solutions.

Since the patients across the globe have grown more satisfied utilizing digital networks and services, even for complicated and sensitive matters such as health care, we, at Pelicans, believe the time has arrived for healthcare operations, payers, and providers to go "all in" on their digital maneuverings.

There has been a significant improvement in the fitness fanatics who are turning into more tech-savvy with their workout routines, regimes, and diets. Fitness freaks will log the each and every food they consume and the workouts they have successfully achieved each day to keep them on the path with their health goals.

But the question is, where should they begin? And the answer to that question is 'nowhere else better than Pelicans Technologies'!

Collection and Privacy

Executing the extremely powerful big data analytics solutions, our expertise can easily let us map the data to the appropriate patient so that it reaches to the therapist and gets back with efficient solutions. Our big data services that assist in maintaining appointments, offer safe access to health accounts and communicate with clinical.

Wearable Tech & Cloud

For rendering a better, personalized experience across all devices, we have built a comprehensive range of fitness applications besides with on-demand medicine services and patient care via web and smartphone. When it comes to building web/mobile solutions for a sensitive industry such as healthcare and fitness, we certainly do not like to take any chances but intend to utilize the advanced, cutting-edge technologies in our processes.

Targeting Patients Personally

While patients see for creative and real-time experiences, we offer an entire personalization for each and every patient and lead. We combine features such as sending customized campaigns to each of them depending on their medical background, regular healthcare program, allergies, and other collected information to develop loyalty and keep them coming back.

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